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Is a Clay Chiminea Right For You?

Although steel and cast iron chimeneas are a familiar sight in UK gardens, the chimeneas first developed in Mexico were made from clay. Clay chimeneas, also known as chimineas, were derived from the traditional stone fireplaces which were used for … Continue reading

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Multifuel and Woodburning Stove Safety – Carbon Monoxide Facts

We’ve all heard horror stories about carbon monoxide poisoning making people ill and even killing people in their own homes. It’s important to take the dangers of carbon monoxide seriously, but understanding the issue helps to put it into perspective. … Continue reading

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Chimney Liner for Multifuel and Woodburning Stoves

What is Chimney Liner? Chimney liner, also known as flue liner, is a flexible metal tube used for relining traditional chimney stacks. Flue liner is made from stainless steel and has a smooth inner skin and a corrugated outer skin. … Continue reading

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DEFRA Approved Broseley Wood Burning Range Cookers

Broseley have been working hard to make solid fuel heating and cooking available to more people in Smoke Control Areas. The following Broseley woodburning range cookers have now gained DEFRA approval, making it legal to use them in smokeless zones. … Continue reading

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Is A Cast Iron Chimenea Right For You?

Cast iron chimeneas, also known as chimineas, are essentially wood burning stoves for your patio. A chimenea is a freestanding unit which combines an enclosed fire chamber with a short flue to vent the smoke at the top. Chimeneas originated … Continue reading

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Buying Logs for Wood Stoves – How to Make the Right Choice

Logs are the most commonly used form of wood fuel in the UK, used for both open fires and wood burning stoves. Most people source logs locally, for example through tree surgeons, farmers or coal merchants. However some fuel suppliers … Continue reading

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Aarrow Sherborne Woodburner Recommended by 25 Beautiful Homes

This month’s issue of 25 Beautiful Homes (April issue, p80-84) features Patricia and Mark Sheridan’s renovated Victorian apartment in East Lothian. The Sheridan’s sun room is the highlight of the piece with coastal views, a simple blue and white colour … Continue reading

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