How to Paint a Wood Burning Stove

Aga Little Wenlock Classic SE wood burning stoveRepainting a multi fuel or wood burning stove with heat resistant stove paint is part and parcel of routine stove maintenance. A complete re-spray every year or two will help keep the stove looking pristine, and you should also touch up any scratches or rust spots as and when necessary. This post is for anyone who needs to repaint their multi fuel stove with heat-resistant spray paint but isn’t really sure how to go about it.

How to Apply Heat Resistant Spray Paint

If this is the first time you have used spray paint, practice on a sheet of cardboard somewhere where you don’t need to worry about making a mess, for example the garage or garden. Wind and spray paint are not a good mix, so only work outside if it is a calm day or in a sheltered area. First shake the paint can for at least two minutes, then spray a little paint into some old newspaper or cloth to clear out any unmixed paint from the nozzle.

You cover an area with spray paint by working in lines. Experiment a little to find what pattern works best for you. You could try doing separate lines (eg spray left to right then stop and go back to spray left to right again) or a continuous line (across then down then across in the opposite direction). The idea is to keep the can moving at a steady speed as you spray from a distance of about 30cm.

You know you’ve got it right when you achieve even coverage without any runs. Runs will occur if you hold the can too close to the surface, move the can too slowly, or overlap the lines of paint too much. Make sure you keep the can upright as you spray! Once you have got the hang of it, then you’re ready to paint your multi fuel stove.

How to Paint Your Wood Burning Stove

Make sure your wood burning stove is completely cold before you begin. Use old sheets or cardboard to protect anything around the multi fuel stove that you don’t want to paint. If the stove has a window, mask it off to protect the glass. Remove or cover any handles or control knobs which you don’t want to end up the same colour as the stove. Make sure the surface of the wood burning stove is free of rust, dirt and grease as these can ruin the end result.

If you are just rejuvenating the existing finish of the wood burning stove, a single coat is all you need. If you are painting bare metal build up the finish in several layers, allowing time for the paint to dry between coats.

What Not To Do

Don’t use ordinary spray paint! You should only ever use a specialist heat resistant stove paint on wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

Don’t skimp on preparation! If you don’t clean the surface of  the wood burning stove properly before applying the paint, don’t be surprised to see the paint come off in sheets later on. And don’t think you can just spray over rust – unless you remove rust properly it will just come through the paint.

Don’t overdo it! Stove paint has to flex as the metal expands and contracts with the heat from the fire. If the paint gets too thick it won’t be able to flex as it should and it may start to crack or flake off.

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3 Responses to How to Paint a Wood Burning Stove

  1. Tara foran says:

    I have a large wood burning stove in my living room its black but I want to paint it ivory/cream do you sell this paint is it a glossy finish? Went to a paint shop here but they only stock black can I buy on in Dublin.?.thank you.

    • stoves says:

      We can source coloured heat resistant spray paint from a few places, so we can probably find just what you are looking for. You’ll need a few cans of paint to get a good finish, and obviously the larger the stove the more you will need. I suggest you give our sales team a quick call on 01484 434321 or email them at – they’ll go through the options with you and can help you work out how much paint to get, and they will check the delivery cost to Ireland as well. For special order items like this you need to place the order by phone.

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