Buyers Guide to Types of Gas Stove

Gas stoves can be a great heating choice for people who want the appearance and ambience of a woodburner, but find that gas is the most practical type of fuel for them to use. This post is a quick overview of the different types of gas stove on the market.

Portable Gas Stoves

Broseley Thurcroft gas stoveMost people are familiar with the boxy Calor stoves which run on bottled gas. The Broseley Thurcroft is designed on the same principle, housing a gas bottle within the cast iron stove body. This makes the Thurcroft a very traditional looking stove with a realistic coal fuel effect. While the heavy cast iron means it takes some effort to move it, the Broseley Thurcroft gas stove can be moved from one room to the other as your heating needs change.

Flueless Gas Stoves

Esse 525 flueless gas stoveAs the name suggest, a flueless gas stove doesn’t require any chimney or flue system. They are so efficient and clean burning that the fumes can be vented directly into the room where they are situated. Installation requirements for flueless gas stoves include fixed ventilation (an airbrick), an openable window in the same room and a minimum room size (this varies depending how powerful the stove is).

Conventional Flue Gas Stoves

Franco Belge Savoy gas stoveA conventional flue gas stove is one which vents through a standard flue system. In most cases this means the stove is connected to an existing chimney. However, conventional flue gas stoves can also be installed with internal or external twinwall flue systems. This type of gas stove is by far the most common, with a wide range of styles to choose from and products available to suit all budgets.

Balanced Flue Gas Stoves

Gazco Ceramica Manhattan balanced flue gas stoveBalanced flue gas stoves are designed for use in situations where a conventional flue is unavailable. They vent through a balanced flue kit, usually horizontally through an external wall. However, some manufacturers offer other options. Gazco offer a “top exit, vertical” flue kit (this comes out of the top of the stove and goes straight up) or “top exit, up and out” (this comes out of the top of the stove, then goes through a 90 degree bend and vents horizontally through a wall ) for many of their balanced flue gas stoves.

Inset Gas Stoves

Yeoman Dartmouth inset gas fireInset gas stoves are great space savers, designed for installation in a chimney recess rather than taking up room space by standing on a fireplace hearth. I’m surprised they’re not more popular – the Yeoman Dartmouth inset gas stove is currently the only one I’m aware of being on the market. The Yeoman Dartmouth is a available as either a conventional flue or balanced flue gas stove.

Natural Gas and LPG Gas Stoves

Many stove manufacturers offer a choice of natural gas or LPG for their gas stoves. In most cases the two types of gas require a different gas burner, so it is important to make sure you order the correct fuel type.

In the UK it is a legal requirement that gas appliances such as stoves be installed by a Gas Safe engineer. We recommend that you get your gas fitter to visit your home and confirm what type of gas stove is suitable for your home before you purchase a stove.

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