Cooker Hood Buyers Guide



cooker hoods.jpgCooker Hood Type

There is a great selection of range cooker hood types available to choose from. Chimney hoods are usually fitted against a flat wall and extend down from the ceiling, these eye catching hoods are high performance and stylish but do require space. Integrated hoods are fitted behind a cupboard door and are most inconspicuous. Canopy hoods are usually completely concealed and are discreet and functional rather then stylish.

Toledo hood.jpg


Although the look of your range cooker hood is important it is equally as important to think about how your cooker hood will work. Extraction hoods will filter air then send it outside,

they offer an effective way to clear your kitchen of steam, smoke and food smells. Extraction hoods are mounted on an external wall or somewhere where the ventilation hose can be connected to the outside.


Recirculation hoods are the perfect alternative if you can’t vent your cooker hood externally. All recirculation hoods feature a grease filter made from either metal, paper or cloth then a charcoal filter removes unwanted odours and smoke, before releasing the clean air back into your kitchen. The benefit of choosing this method, is that it can be installed anywhere in your kitchen and they are usually cheaper than extraction hoods.Flat-Hood-SS.jpgExtraction Rate

The extraction rate determines how quickly a cooker hood can remove hot air and cooking smells from the kitchen. We recommended that your range cooker hood should be able to change the air in your kitchen12 times per hour. The larger the kitchen the higher the extraction rate you’ll need.

Extra Features

Every cooker hood comes with either one or two lights these are used to illuminate the surface as you prepare your food or to keep an eye on hot pans. Range cooker hoods can be quite loud, so look out for the best noise levels. The lower the decibels (dB) the less intrusive it will be. Most cooker hood models have a few settings, giving you different speeds of extraction. Lower speeds will clear up steam when you’re boiling vegetables or pasta whilst the highest setting will clear the air of grease.



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