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Stove Owners – Are You Ready for Winter?

The burning season will soon begin. If you have a wood burning or multi fuel stove it’s time to make sure it is ready to keep you warm through the winter. To help you get organised Stoves Are Us have … Continue reading

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Ash Disposal Tips for Woodburners

There’s nothing like the ambiance and comfort of a real fire, but decades of reliance on central heating seem to have left some gaps in our understanding of fire safety. I’ve seen too many news stories lately about house fires which started … Continue reading

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How to Paint a Wood Burning Stove

Repainting a multi fuel or wood burning stove with heat resistant stove paint is part and parcel of routine stove maintenance. A complete re-spray every year or two will help keep the stove looking pristine, and you should also touch … Continue reading

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Carbon Monoxide Safety for Multifuel Stoves and Woodburners

As promised, this is a follow up to my previous post full of carbon monoxide facts relevant to people with multifuel and woodburning stoves. This article is more about the practical side of the issue – how to prevent problems … Continue reading

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