Rangemaster Encore


Rangemaster are back with a brand new range cooker!

Customise Your Cooker

There isn’t any reason why the BRAND NEW Rangemaster Encore Deluxe Range Cooker won’t look great in your kitchen. With a choice of sizes from 90cm, 100cm or 110cm and in a variety of colours ranging from; black, stainless steel, ivory or slate, you can customise your cooker to suit the requirements of your kitchen. If you prefer the traditional feel and complete control of cooking with gas or perhaps favour the modern speed and efficiency of induction, the Rangemaster Encore Deluxe caters to your every need.

Why should I purchase the Encore Deluxe Cooker?

The new Rangemaster Encore Deluxe has all the conventional features that have made Rangemaster one of the UK’s leading manufactures in the cooking industry with some innovative additions that set it aside from any other.

Key Elements:


Deluxe glide-out grill

  • 73 litre multifunction left-hand oven, 67 litre right-hand fan oven

  • Deluxe glide-out grill with 4-way trivet

  • Teppanyaki griddle (Dual Fuel 90 & 100 models) 

  • 4 burners plus a 3.5kW multi-ring burner (Dual Fuel models)

  • 5 cooking zones (Induction models)

  • Hot hob indicators (Induction models)

  • Telescopic shelf in the left-hand oven


    Teppanyaki griddle

Upgrade to the Encore Deluxe 100cm and receive:

  • 73 litre multifunction left-hand oven, 82 litre right-hand fan oven.

Upgrade to the Encore Deluxe 110cm and receive:

  • Bread proving drawer

  • Multi-zone with a smooth flat griddle (Dual Fuel models)

  • 73 litre multifunction left-hand oven, 73 litre right-hand fan oven.


Bread proving drawer

Choose the BRAND NEW Rangemaster Encore Deluxe Range Cooker and you will benefit from larger oven cavities, including their impressive multifunction oven that can defrost, fan grill, brown and fan assist, with rapid response for faster heat-up times.

Whether you are planning a traditional or an ultra contemporary kitchen, there is an Encore Deluxe Range Cooker designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen scheme.

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Cooker Hood Buyers Guide



cooker hoods.jpgCooker Hood Type

There is a great selection of range cooker hood types available to choose from. Chimney hoods are usually fitted against a flat wall and extend down from the ceiling, these eye catching hoods are high performance and stylish but do require space. Integrated hoods are fitted behind a cupboard door and are most inconspicuous. Canopy hoods are usually completely concealed and are discreet and functional rather then stylish.

Toledo hood.jpg


Although the look of your range cooker hood is important it is equally as important to think about how your cooker hood will work. Extraction hoods will filter air then send it outside,

they offer an effective way to clear your kitchen of steam, smoke and food smells. Extraction hoods are mounted on an external wall or somewhere where the ventilation hose can be connected to the outside.


Recirculation hoods are the perfect alternative if you can’t vent your cooker hood externally. All recirculation hoods feature a grease filter made from either metal, paper or cloth then a charcoal filter removes unwanted odours and smoke, before releasing the clean air back into your kitchen. The benefit of choosing this method, is that it can be installed anywhere in your kitchen and they are usually cheaper than extraction hoods.Flat-Hood-SS.jpgExtraction Rate

The extraction rate determines how quickly a cooker hood can remove hot air and cooking smells from the kitchen. We recommended that your range cooker hood should be able to change the air in your kitchen12 times per hour. The larger the kitchen the higher the extraction rate you’ll need.

Extra Features

Every cooker hood comes with either one or two lights these are used to illuminate the surface as you prepare your food or to keep an eye on hot pans. Range cooker hoods can be quite loud, so look out for the best noise levels. The lower the decibels (dB) the less intrusive it will be. Most cooker hood models have a few settings, giving you different speeds of extraction. Lower speeds will clear up steam when you’re boiling vegetables or pasta whilst the highest setting will clear the air of grease.



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Google Certified Shops badge for StovesAreUs

excellent work

Stoves Are Us Blog

hero-overviewStovesAreUs awarded Google Certified Shops badge

StovesAreUs, which offers Wood burning Stoves, Multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves was recently selected to join the Google Certified Shops program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Certified Shops badge is awarded to e­commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on­time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the StovesAreUs website, shoppers will see a Google Certified Shops badge and can click on it for more information.

StovesAreUs are part of Stores Direct Ltd who are the countries largest supplier of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, with a focus on top stove brands all at very competitive prices available with flexible delivery options which are available online through ecommerce portals, or their own, well stocked showrooms for the ‘touch and feel’ factor. In a quote one of the company directors said “We are delighted that…

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Rangemaster – AGA

Rangemaster: Built from Experience

The Rangemaster cookers are the latest edition to our Range cooker range. Blending a traditional and contemporary design these exciting new range cookers really are fantastic. They are available in a variation of sizes, colours and fuel types ensuring there is a Rangemaster cooker to suit everybody’s preferences.

Who are Rangemaster? 


Rangemaster are the worlds oldest cooker manufacturer. The very first range cooker, the Kitchener ( http://www.stovesareus.co.uk/range-cookers/rangemaster-kitchener-90cm-dual-fuel-range-cooker.html), was designed and built in 1830 and revolutionised the way the world cooked. Rangemaster cookers are manufactured in the Uk , they have been based in Royal Lemington Spa for 181 years and as a company are very proud of their long heritage.


The Rangemaster Kitchener


The 4th March 2015 was a historic date for Rangemaster as they celebrated the milestone of manufacturing 1 million cookers. This is a fantastic achievement not just for Rangemaster but the stove industry.


Size, Colour and Fuel Type.

Rangemaster offers more choice than any other manufacturer in the industry. Rangemaster offers over 700 product variations to choose from. This wide range of choice allows you to match your cooker to your requirements. Rangemaster offer a choice of size, Colour and fuel type. Talk about flexibility.

There are 4 different fuel types available:

Dual Fuel – Dual Fuel is one of the more popular fuel choices for range cooking appliances, it offers the responsiveness of a gas hob with the flexibility and even heat distribution of an electric oven

Ceramic – Ceramic cookers boast impressive heat-up times and responsive controls, ceramic hobs are the perfect alternative to gas and are often the preferred choice because of their easy-to-clean seamless surface. All ceramic versions host electric ovens.

Induction – induction cookers are fast, responsive and incredibly controllable. Induction cooking offers the ultimate in speed and energy efficiency – no wonder it is the fastest growing hob choice today. Boasting a wealth of safety features, all our range cooker induction hobs harness the latest technology for the most eco-friendly hob-top cooking possible. All induction versions host electric ovens.

Gas – Gas Range Cookers use gas to power the hobs, grill and main oven and other than the ease of use and attractive look the main feature of an all gas range cooker is the instant heat it gives to start cooking.

Gas hob.jpg

Gas Hob

Induction Hob.jpg

Induction Hob

Dual fuel.jpg

Dual Fuel Hob

Why Buy a Rangemaster

That is a good question especially when there is a wide range of different cookers available.

Rangemaster are very proud of there heritage and being a British company, the fact they have been around since 1830’s and have manufactured over 1 million cookers proves that the product and service they are offering is of the highest quality.

Each range master cooker is built using the highest quality components so you can bake, boil and cook for years to come.

The 7 wonders of Rangemaster.

  • Tri-tonne frame

  • Multi Glaze oven door

  • Easy cook controls

  • Cookmax XL ovens

  • Spill guard hotplates

  • Endurance finish

  • Rm Xtra



Easy Cook Controls


Whatever style of Rangemaster cooker you prefer each cooker offers a unique choice of features to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Specialist features include:

  • Multifunction oven – Offers 7 functions for really flexible cooking. From crisping up your pizza to defrosting your dinner.

  • Rapid Response – Preheats the oven 30% faster than a fan oven.

  • Multi ring burner – Designed to hold a wok for authentic Asian cooking

  • Pyrolytic Cleaning – A self cleaning feature. Carbonises all the cooking residue to a fine ash.

  • Handyrack – Perfect for roasting. The handyrack attaches to the oven door.

  • Four way grill trivet – Improved grill offers even more flexibility and capacity thanks to its deeper pan design.

  • Griddle – Sits snug on top of the hob. Ideal for cooking bacon, steaks and burgers.


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Google Certified Shops badge for StovesAreUs



StovesAreUs awarded Google Certified Shops badge

StovesAreUs, which offers Wood burning Stoves, Multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves was recently selected to join the Google Certified Shops program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Certified Shops badge is awarded to e­commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on­time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the StovesAreUs website, shoppers will see a Google Certified Shops badge and can click on it for more information.

StovesAreUs are part of Stores Direct Ltd who are the countries largest supplier of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, with a focus on top stove brands all at very competitive prices available with flexible delivery options which are available online through ecommerce portals, or their own, well stocked showrooms for the ‘touch and feel’ factor. In a quote one of the company directors said “We are delighted that the StovesAreUs website has been selected to join the Google Certified Shops program, we will continue to provide the best service we can to all our customers old and new”.


As an added benefit, when a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Certified Shop, they have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with StovesAreUs and the customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to £1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

Google Certified Shops is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like StovesAreUs attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites.

Stores Direct Ltd are a retailer who have their main headquarters based in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, alongside the StovesAreUs.co.uk brand they have FireplacesAreUs.co.uk and BathroomsAreUs.co.uk providing Fires, fireplaces and all kinds of bathroom products. With a heavy internet presence the company also currently boasts three large and well stocked showrooms with expansion plans for more bricks and mortar premises to bolster their already strong online offering.


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New AGA Stoves… exquisite

Aga Ellesmere & Wren Wood Burning Stoves

Brand new ranges of stoves from AGA, showcased at Hearth & Home in Harrogate, June 2015. Available directly from our StovesAreUs website.


AGA Ellesmere

New AGA Ellesmere stoves

The AGA Ellesmere 4, 5 & 6kW wood burning and multi fuel stoves are the latest editions to the AGA stove family. Blending a traditional and contemporary design these exciting newcomers to the AGA stove range are highly efficient and DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled areas.

All three Ellesmere stoves offer clean lines, solid performance and give an outstanding view of the flame picture. Simple controls for the primary and secondary air make the range a pleasure to operate and the firebox technology gives hours of burning without having to refuel your stove.

  Height Width Depth Output Efficiency
Ellesmere 4 415mm 437mm 437mm 4.1kW


Ellesmere 5 669mm 490mm 470mm 4.9kW


Ellesmere 6 728mm 565mm 490mm 6.6kW



AGA Wren

New AGA Wren

The AGA Wren multi fuel and wood burning stove has a neat style that suits urban living and is powerful enough to heat open plan rooms. The AGA Wren has been developed to meet DEFRA’s stringent approval and combines simple, clean styling with the practical needs of today’s stove users. The Wren combines a large viewing window with the clean lines of an AGA stove to make it the perfect feature for any of your living spaces.

Height Width Depth Output Efficiency
Wren 590mm 450mm 450mm 4.8kW


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How to Replace Your Stove Glass

Replace the glass on your Stove

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 15.32.10

If your wood burning stove glass has cracked this guide give as step by step on how to replace it. During every use your stove glass is coping with the extreme temperatures if you spot any breaks, holes or cracks, then the glass will be weakened and it is best to replace it as soon as possible rather than risk the whole piece shattering.


The inside of your stove door is likely to be covered in ash, dirt and other by products of solid fuels so it is worth brushing down the door before you go any further.


If possible try to remove the door of your stove to replace the glass and lay it down flat. This is often as simple as lifting it off its hinges however check your stove manual to see if this is possible before proceeding. Glass is usually held into the door with metal catches or clips but again this can vary between different stoves. Remove the catches by undoing the screws or bolts, use WD40 if you encounter resistance from the catches as they may have become stiff from tar deposits from the fuel you are using. Please note as you loosen the catches the glass may become free at any time.


Once you have moved the glass clips to the side or unscrewed them completely slowly remove the glass from the door, take particular care with the cracked section of glass.


The seal between the glass and the door is usually formed by fire rope or a flat seal. This may have become broken or frayed over time. This might be a good time for you to check the rope seal around the edge of your stove door too. You can find replacement fire rope in our accessories section.


Fit the new glass by placing it on top of the glass seal, put the glass catches back into place and secure them by tightening the screws or bolts. Be extra careful not to over-tighten the screws as this could break your new glass. We supply replacement glass for all the stoves we sell and can even make special made sizes as long as there are no curves or cut outs in the glass you require.

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How to Light a Fire…

How to Light a Fire

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 15.28.14

There is no single right way to light a wood burning stove, if you have a method that works then by all means stick with it. Remember all stoves and chimney’s have their own “personality” so you may wish to tweak this guide to get the best out of your product.


Ensure that all air vents on the stove are open. Put the logs on the base of the stove, it is important that the wood is cleft and dry. The logs you use may be as thick as a fist or slightly thicker.


Add a layer of small logs about 4cm then two layers or so of kindling (as pictured above). Remember it is important to allow a 1cm gap between the pieces of wood for air to circulate.


Place a few firelighters or pieces of newspaper on top or in-between the kindling. Be aware paper produces unnecessary amounts of ashes and contributes to more soot.


The final step is easy, light the fire lighters and close the door. Be aware some chimneys create a better draught than others, if the draught is insufficient it might be a good idea to open the door to your stove slightly until the fuel is properly burning.


As the wood gradually catches fire the amount of smoke gases emitting from the wood will also increase. Many of the stoves we supply are clean burning so the combustion chamber is designed to burn flue gases before they enter the flue pipe, this reduces polluting emissions. When refuelling your stove a good tip is to keep the door ajar for a few seconds before you open it completely. This way the draught in the chimney will ensure the flue gases are removed and you avoid smoke flowing into your room.

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Seasoned Wood – To burn or not to burn?

We often get asked the question, “which is the best wood to burn”, the easiest way to answer this question is always use well seasoned (dry) wood, the main reason for this is that when wood is first chopped the water content can be up to 50%, this means it won’t burn well in your stove, in fact most of the energy produced will go into drying the wood instead of heating your room. You are also likely to blacken up your stove window and cause tarring and creosote build up within your chimney or liner, this could result in a lack of heat from the stove, a room full of smoke or worst case a chimney fire.

When the wood is seasoned the moisture will escape, remember that the drier the wood the cleaner the burn. A good rule of thumb would be to get THIS years wood for NEXT year.

When the water content in wood is typically below 20% then it’s ready to burn, you can use a moisture detector to test the levels in your wood before you throw it into your stove.

So now you have your seasoned wood and are ready to go it’s good to know a little about some of the different wood types, each type of wood has different characteristics, some woods may burn for a long time and produce little heat, while others may have a shorter burn time but produce a good aroma, and some my give off lots of smoke and spit embers.

The following list will help to give you an idea of some of the different characteristics of a small sample of what is available.

Alder – Gives a poor heat output and does not last very long.

Apple – Has a steady slow burn when the wood is dry, good heat output with small visible flame with a pleasant odour.

Ash –  Excellent burning wood, gives great heat and flame output and also burns when green. Best heat output gained when the wood is dry.

Beech –  Good heat output but only fair when the wood is green. The wood is prone to shoot embers whilst burning.

Birch – The heat is good but the wood burns quickly, however a pleasant odour is produced.

Cedar –  Produces little flames but great heat and a wonderful odour. Provides a splendid noise when burned.

Cherry – A slow burning wood that produces good heat and a pleasant odour.

Chestnut – Produces small flames and nominal heat, This wood is also prone to shooting embers.

Douglas Fir – Poor. Little flame or heat.

Elder – Generates a lot of smoke and burns very quickly, coupled with not much heat.

Elm – Commonly offered for sale. To burn well it needs to be kept for two years. Even when dry it is liable to smoke.

Eucalyptus – Good dense hardwood, should be properly seasoned before use, but will produce good heat.

Hazel – Good.

Holly – Good, will burn when green, but best when kept a season to dry out fully.

Hornbeam – Comparable in many aspects to Beech.

Laburnum – Totally poisonous tree, acrid smoke, taints food and best avoided altogether.

Larch – Crackly, scented, and fairly good for heat.

Laurel – Has brilliant flame.

Lime – Poor. Burns with dull flame.

Maple – Good.

Oak – Oak does not produce a very good flame and the smoke is acrid, but dry old oak is excellent for heat, burning slowly and steadily until whole log collapses into ash.

Pear – Provides good heat combined with an extremely pleasant scent.

Pine – Burns with a splendid flame, but is liable to spit.

Plane – Burns pleasantly, but is naturally given to throw sparks if very dry.

Plum – Good heat and aromatic.

Poplar – Not recommended.

Rhododendron – The thick old stems, being very tough, burn well.

Robinia (Acacia) – Burns slowly, with good heat, but is unfortunately accompanied by an acrid smoke.

Spruce – Burns at a extremely fast rate and creates many sparks.

Sycamore – Burns with a good flame, with moderate heat. Useless green.

Thorn – Quite one of the best woods. Burns slowly, produces great heat with very little smoke.

Walnut – Good, and so is the scent. A very aromatic wood.

Willow – Poor. In a dry condition burns slowly, with little flame. Liable to spark.

Yew – Last in the list but by no means least. Has a slow burn with great heat and also has a pleasant scent.

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Three Winter Savers for Stove Shoppers

It’s always good to have some extra cash in your hand, especially during the run up to Christmas. Sadly we can’t hand out wads of cash, but we can offer you three great ways to save money when buying a new gas, multi fuel or wood burning stove this winter.

Over the years we’ve tried different types of special offer, and never come up with one thing that pleases everybody. Instead we’ve got three different special offers, so you can just choose whichever one suits you best (terms and conditions apply).

Free Stove Fitting Accessories 

More people than ever are getting woodburners to save money on fuel bills, to reduce their carbon footprints and to add that extra special something which makes a house into a home. First time buyers usually need a full set of fitting accessories with their stove, which may come as an unpleasant surprise if this hasn’t been budgeted for. You can save up to £135 with our free stove pipe, register plate, fire cement and heat-resistant glove. This offer is available with most stoves – just look for the “Free Offers” banner on all eligible products.

Free Firepit with your Stove

Our first offer might not be much use if you are using a twinwall flue system instead of a conventional chimney, or if you are replacing a woodburner and already have a suitable register plate and stove pipe. To make sure you don’t miss out we came up with this alternative – a free firepit for your garden. Normally sold at £105, the firepit comes complete with barbecue grill, folding legs for easy storage and a handy carry case. It’s ideal for warming up your patio on summer evenings, or even just making the best of the cooler English summer days!

Price Beater

Even though we always strive to offer the best possible deals to our customers, every so often someone will find a lower price elsewhere for something we sell. If someone is beating one of our deals you can use our Instant Price Beater to order at the lower price PLUS claim an extra £10 discount. To qualify for the instant price beater it has to be an equivalent deal – usually this would mean including delivery, VAT and similar free offers. The Price Beater form appears on all eligible stoves – just fill in the details and you can order at the lower price any time of day or night.

What will you do with the money you save by buying your new gas, multi fuel or wood burning stove from Stoves Are Us?

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